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A partnership project delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

Children & Young Migrants

Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: All Wales Multi-Agency Toolkit

Though mainly aimed at Social Services practitioners, the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership’s age assessment toolkit is designed to enable a holistic, multi-agency assessment, with guidance for Social Workers, Police, UKVI and other agencies on joint working, and encompasses best practice on age assessment from a variety of sources.

Including Families Project

Including Families provides information and guidance for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants, community organisations, the general public and professionals working with asylum seekers, refugees and migrant families. Although this project has now ended, the website remains as a legacy and includes resources such as multi-lingual guidance on keeping children safe.

Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Young People: All Wales Practice Guidance

The purpose of this All Wales Child Protection Procedures Review Group’s Practice Guidance is to inform multi agency professionals of particular action to take to safeguard and promote the well-being of unaccompanied children and young people, provide guidance and support for multi-agency professionals who are working with unaccompanied children and young people in Wales and help professionals understand relevant complex policy and practice which can make unaccompanied children and young people from abroad particularly vulnerable, including those who may need protection.

The experience of Polish migrant workers’ children studying in schools in Wales

This paper considers the experiences of the children of Polish migrant workers to show the extent to which Welsh ideas of citizenship education were influencing the well-being of migrant children as they were settled into schools in Wales.

Young Lives in Limbo: The protection of age-disputed young people in Wales

In the context of the difficulties involved in accurately assessing the age of young people arriving without identity documents, this report focuses on age assessments and disputes in Wales. It aims to increase understanding of what young people undergoing the age assessment and dispute process face, to identify best practice in age assessment in accordance with United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child principles, and to make recommendations for best practice to strengthen and improve procedures in Wales.

Community Safety & Migrant Communities

A Leap of Faith? Trust in the Police Among Immigrants in England and Wales

Using data from the Crime Survey of England and Wales this paper examines the relationship between immigration and trust in the police.

Working with new and emerging communities: A guide for neighbourhood policing teams and partners

This guide has been produced to provide information for Basic Command Unit (BCU) Commanders, front line police officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and partnership staff working with neighbourhood policing teams to assist in the successful delivery of neighbourhood policing by the identification of, and engagement with, new and emerging communities.

Demographic Change in Wales

Globalisation and its impact on Wales: Chapter 4, Population Movement

The final section of this report examines population movement and its effects on Wales including the changing population, migrant workers in Wales and the need to attract and retain skilled labour.

Population Change in Rural Wales: Social and Cultural Impacts, Research Report No. 14

The theme of the report is population change, exploring the impacts of the processes of population change on society, culture and language in rural Wales.

The shape of Wales to come: Wales’ economy, environment and society in 2020

This report looks at the many ways in which Wales is expected to change by 2020, including the impact of migration on Wales’ population and the Welsh labour market.

Wales: Census Profile

This briefing summarises key statistics from the 2011 Census for Wales, and its constituent council areas. The briefing provides information about population levels; the number and population share of foreign-born residents; as well as countries of origin, year of arrival and main languages. Finally, the briefing compares Wales to England and Scotland, and the 2001 and 2011 Census results.

Employment and Migrant Adult Learners

An Audit of Refugee Skills and Qualifications in Wales

This was the first Refugee Skills Audit to be undertaken in Wales, aiming to identify the skills, qualifications and experiences of refugees living in Wales and to identify the barriers they face in securing employment.

Breaking the links between poverty and ethnicity in Wales

This report examines the links between poverty and ethnicity in Wales including examination of employer behaviour and workplace culture, earnings, social networks and employment projections for 2020.

Issues affecting migrant workers in Wales, their families and the communities in which they live and work

This inquiry examines the experiences of migrant workers and their families in Wales with particular reference to: working and living conditions, access to public services and social networking. The inquiry further examines the impact of economic migration on public service deliverers and local communities, highlights good practice and explores the regulatory framework governing the working and living conditions of migrant workers in Wales.

Migration and Education in Wales

This briefing provides information on migrant workers in Wales, the impact of migrant workers on the Welsh labour market and the issues faced by migrant workers in Wales.


The Migration Services in Wales project is delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

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