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A partnership project delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

Employment and Migrant Adult Learners

Refugees living in Wales: A survey of skills, experiences and barriers to inclusion

This survey of refugees living in Wales provides information on refugees’ skills, experiences and barriers to accessing a range of service and their experiences in the labour market.

Scoping study on Eastern and Central European migrant workers in rural Wales

This study investigates the numbers of migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe who are living in rural Wales, and the impact that they are having on the local economy, society and community.

The impact of migration: a review of the economic evidence

This report was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly to provide a comprehensive review of the economic literature on the socio-economic impact of migration, and to assess the evidence of migration to the UK and Wales to consider likely policy implications for Wales.

Engaging Effectively with Migrant Communities

Communities First engagement with Black and Minority Ethnic groups

This is a case study of the STAR Communities First cluster in Cardiff, an area showing signs of high levels of deprivation. The community has a long established White indigenous community and is becoming increasingly ‘super-diverse’. The study examines the barriers to engagement for new communities and explores methods for effective inclusion.

Equalities and Human Rights

Equality and Human Rights Commission, Annual Human Rights Lecture 2016, “Immigration and Human Rights in a Changing Wales”

The 2016 Annual Human Rights Lecture was delivered by Reverend Aled Edwards and discussed the experiences of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Wales and across the world, relating this to the protection and promotion of human rights.

Not just another statistic - Life in Wales for people with mental health conditions, Gypsy Travellers, transgender people and asylum seekers and refugees

This report explores the life experiences of different groups who encounter more negative attitudes, prejudice and isolation than others living in Wales.

ESOL and Welsh Language

English for Speakers of Other Languages Policy

In 2014 the Welsh Government published their ESOL Policy for Wales. This policy document identifies the importance of ESOL in ensuring that migrants are able to fully engage in both the Welsh economy and society. The policy recognises ESOL as an essential skill, with the same value as the provision of basic literacy and numeracy.

Migration in Contested Linquistic Spaces - The Challenge for Language Policies in Switzerland and Wales

This paper explores the role of language as constructed by policies for the acculturation of migrants in the competing discourses of national belonging and multiculturalism as the right to difference.


Including Migrant Population in Join Strategic Needs Assessment: A guide

This Guide is written to assist those writing a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) as part of the process of commissioning.

Migration and Health in Wales

An overview of the laws and policies relevant to the health of migrants residing in Wales.

NHS Wales Health Guidance on Populations

A short overview of population groups in Wales.

Public Health Network Cymru: Migrant Workers

A range of resources regarding the health of migrant workers in Wales.


Effects of recent migration on local authorities’ allocation of housing and actions under homelessness legislation

This research project was commissioned because of concerns expressed locally, regionally and nationally about the level of housing demand generated by migrant households in certain areas of Wales.

Advising Migrants about the Private Rented Sector

This website provides information and guidance on some of the common issues faced by migrants housed in the private rented sector including; types of occupation agreements, security of tenure, financial arrangements (e.g. deposits and rents), property conditions including overcrowding, shared houses, and harassment and illegal eviction.

Migration and Housing in Wales

An overview of the housing laws and policies relevant to migrants residing in Wales.


The Migration Services in Wales project is delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

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