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A partnership project delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

Local Strategic Frameworks on Migration

From July 2016 - March 2017 the Migration Services in Wales project team will facilitate the development of local strategic frameworks on migration with four local areas. This will be an opportunity for local authorities and local partner agencies to reflect on their current policy and practice.
Local authorities and local partner organisations will be invited to submit an expression of interest to the Project Consortium for involvement in this part of the project, based on indicators agreed with the Welsh Government from June 2016.

Developing a Strategic Approach to Integration in Wales

This resource has been prepared to assist local authorities and their partner organisations to consider how to welcome and foster the integration of new migrants in Wales. It is relevant to those working directly with migrants but also aimed at those whose areas of work are affected by the changing picture of diversity in Wales and which, in turn, impacts on migrants living in their area. It cannot be comprehensive but raises key issues to be considered and provides links to further information and resources. The briefing clarifies what is meant by ‘integration’ processes and what an integration strategy might seek to achieve. It points to examples from European cities that Welsh authorities may wish to draw on when developing their own approach.

By migrants we refer (except where otherwise stated) to those born abroad who come to live in Wales on a temporary or permanent basis, whether labour or family migrants, for instance, mobile EU citizens, refugees or international students.

The resource begins with an overview of the changing picture of diversity in Wales and the information provided is framed within the distinctive Welsh context and reflects Welsh law and policy. An overview of the EU and UK policy context on integration is also provided.

A range of areas of local practice of importance to successful integration outcomes are identified with practical commentary: the provision of information, effective communication and engagement, employment, health, housing, community safety, violence against women and girls, children and young people, education, and refugee resettlement. The briefing explores methods through which local authorities can measure progress, includes a checklist of questions to consider in developing a strategic approach, and offers suggestions on how to overcome common challenges.

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Migration in Wales: Developing Local Strategic Frameworks on Migration: An International Learning Exchange Conference

On 20th June 2016 the Migration Services in Wales project delivered an International Learning Exchange Conference ‘Migration in Wales: Developing Local Strategic Frameworks on Integration’.

The aim of the event was to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas on developing strategic local approaches to integration in the context of Wales’ changing patterns of migration, and of broader policy contexts including the equality duties and Well-being Acts. It also provided an opportunity to learn from the experience of two continental European cities, Stuttgart and Stavanger, from which speakers contributed during an intense day of discussion on the full range of policies and approaches that this topic engages.

The conference itself was supported by a fund at Oxford University for knowledge-exchange.

Please click the button below to download the conference report.

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Please find the presentations from several of the conference’s speakers below:

The Migration Services in Wales project is delivered by Welsh Refugee Council, COMPAS and the Migration Observatory. Funded by Welsh Government.

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