Report a Hate Crime

We are pleased to present a booklet about reporting hate crime in Wales.

The booklet is a guide to understanding hate crimes and incidents in Wales, how to report it and what people can do to prevent it from happening to themselves or someone else. The booklet also provides details about how the police will handle a report and provide supporoted if a report lodged.

Thanks to the support of the Welsh Government in collaboration with Victim Support, Gwent Police, The British Red Cross and the Sanctuary Project in Newport.

Special thanks to the asylum seekers and refugees from Oasis Cardiff, Trinity Centre and the Welsh Refugee Council who contributed by providing insights and information about thier experiences.  Elham a refugee from Sudan says "I was walking down the street when some men threw eggs at me as they drove by in their car, I felt so humilated I just went home, I did not want to come out of the house and did not feel safe"

Please download the copy below and share with your groups and networks. 

If you would like printed copies of the booklet, please email '; // -->  

#StopHateInWales by Reporting It


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PDF icon Hate Crime Leaflet 1.18 MB
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PDF icon Hate Crime Leaflt-Amharic.pdf2.61 MB
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