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Fact Pack: Asylum and the provision of Sanctuary
Published: 05/2015
A compilation of facts, figures and definitions on seeking sanctuary.
Hate Crime? - You can do Something about it
Published: 11/2016
As part of Hate Crime Awareness Week, October 08th – 15th, 2016, we are pleased to introduce a new booklet about reporting Hate Crime in Wales. The booklet is a guide to understanding hate crimes and incidents in Wales, how to report it and what people can do to prevent it from happening to someone else. Thanks to the support of the Welsh Government, the leaflet was created in collaboration with Victim Support, Gwent Police, The British Red Cross and the Sanctuary Project in Newport. Special thanks to the asylum seekers and refugees from Oasis Cardiff, Trinity Centre and the Welsh Refugee Council who contributed by providing insights from their experiences of hate crimes in Wales.
Higher Education and Voluntary Sector Collaboration For ESOL Provision
Published: 01/2018
Read the Welsh Refugee Council's insert, Higher Education and Voluntary Sector collaboration for ESOL Provision on page 32. The essay provides insights into the way educational organisations are uniquely placed to enact a crucial role in the cultural and linguistic integration of forced migrants in the United Kingdom. “If you could do one thing…” is a series of essays of local actions to promote social integration developed by the British Academy for humanities and social science that examines successful integration projects in the UK.
Media Representations Guide
Published: 05/2016
A guide to help media representatives who wish to work with asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.
Published: 11/2014
A list of the most common myths about asylum.

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