If you are a wom an asylum seeker and you want legal advice to help strengthen your asylum claim, we can help. We can provide you with face-to-face legal support about your claim by our Women's Asylum Support Caseworker.  This includes:
•    ensuring disclosure of your issues at an early stage to give your case just and fair considerations, 
•    support victims of trafficking applicatio n for asylum in the absence of Legal Aid,
•    appeal decisions to withdraw Legal Aid where your position has merit for an appeal and
•    support you to help remove any unfair conditions of leave which can subject you to a life of destitution and or poverty.
•    We can offer sign-posting to other services which may assist you.

You will be invited to complete a simple initial assessment to help us determine what support you may require and whether we can help strengthen your asylum claim.

For advice and support regarding your claim email us at womensparalegal@services.wrc.wales


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