Many migrant families, including asylum seekers, are currently living in poverty and destitution. Furthermore, the recent Asylum Support Enquiry [1] disclosed that children make up between 13-20% of the local destitute population. These statistics demonstrate that current asylum support benefits are too low to meet the needs of children and their families, leaving many already vulnerable individuals susceptible to post-traumatic stress and depression.  In order to support families, we provide a diverse range of play opportunities.  Our work with DPiA and Trinity Centre in Cardiff and the Sanctuary Project in Newport provides:

  • Three weekly play sessions for asylum seeking children and their families in Cardiff and Newport.
  • Regular outings and day trips in collaboration with sector organisations and arts and crafts groups.
  • The provision of toys and baby equipment to the most disadvantaged families.

 [1]Reference: Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into The Children Society, January 2013, Asylum support for Children and Young People, [Online] Available at:

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