In all probability, women asylum seekers will experience violence prior to arrival in the UK [1]. In order to address such specific needs, the Welsh Refugee Council delivers specialist para-legal advice to women asylum seekers on violence against women and girls.


The service also encourages women to talk through their experiences with a skilled professional who will listen and guide where appropriate. Where possible, we use the experiences of these women in order to strengthen their asylum claim.

CASE STUDY: Read Radia's story here.

Our sessions:

  • Specialist para-legal support and advice on issues of sexual violence, trauma, domestic violence, torture, trafficking, forced marriage and FGM.
  • Referral services to the relevant sector support agencies.
  • Contribution towards the development and strength of asylum claims made by women.

 [1]Reference:  Uncharted Territory: Violence against migrant refugee and asylum seeking women in Wales, [Online] Available at:

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