The Welsh Refugee Council influences policy and practice surrounding the asylum system in Wales and the UK to ensure that the needs of asylum seekers and refugees are understood and responded to.


Our work includes:

  • Increasing the understanding of people’s experiences of seeking asylum, migration and integrating into communities in Wales through listening to people's experiences and undertaking research.
  • Writing policy and legislation briefings on the issues that matter, such as access to education, housing and welfare.
  • Building a network of stakeholders who are working on migration through attending forums and meetings and communicating with stakeholders.
  • Responding to consultations on Welsh Government and Home Office policy and legislation to ensure that the needs of migrants are understood and responded to.


We work to:

  • Ensure that the needs of all migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees, are addressed in relevant policies, strategies and legislation.
  • Listen to the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees through research projects, consultations and feedback from our caseworkers.
  • Create opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to actively participate in the development of relevant policy and practice.

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