We are always interested in finding creative ways to communicate with people about migration. We can provide comments, conduct interviews and provide Wales wide statistics on specific matters of migration that can inform and engage with a wide range of media audiences

If you have an idea or want to develop a story regarding any issues please get in touch.


Film Projects

The Welsh Refugee Council has worked with the Welsh Government and DPiA to develop a short film on Hate Crime. The project focuses on the experiences of three asylum seekers and refugees and their recommendations for future action. Viewed by over 300 people at the launch of the Welsh Government’s Hate Crime Framework, the film starkly illustrates the need for action with regard to this issue.


Photography projects

The Welsh Refugee Council is currently working with photographer Marcus Oleniuk on an Arts Council funded project entitled ‘Stryd Loches’ or ‘Asylum Street’. The project is collaborative and involves photography workshops for refugees and asylum seekers. Following these sessions, the participants will be provided with cameras and can begin documenting their asylum experience in Wales.

The ‘Stryd Loches’ project provides vulnerable people with a creative outlet to unlock and express internalised thoughts and memories. This self-expression helps individuals confront and transcend the trauma of fleeing persecution, whilst making others aware of the asylum experience in Wales.

The principal aims include:

  • Providing asylum seekers and refugees with an opportunity to gain new skills
  • Encouraging people to confront and transcend the trauma of fleeing persecution through creative means
  • Challenging negative perceptions through a true portrayal of the asylum experience in Wales

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