Refugee Week Wales

Founded in 1998, Refugee Week Wales is a week-long cultural, artistic and educational celebration of the contributions made by talented asylum seekers and refugees who arrive in Wales. Refugee Week takes place in June each year.

For more information, please visit: Refugee Week UK.


To participate in Refugee Week Wales or to register for an event go to Refugee Week Wales


The aims of Refugee Week Wales are:

  • To challenge the fears and negative stereotypes about asylum in Wales.
  • To encourage increased understanding surrounding asylum seekers and refugees.
  • To help create a more peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for new arrivals in Wales.


The objectives of Refugee Week Wales are:  

  • To create and deliver positive and educational programmes that highlight the contributions of refugees and asylum seekers in Wales.
  • To create a platform for discussion of the issues faced by refugees.
  • To support Refugee Community Organisations to host cultural and artistic activities that encourage community cohesion.
  • To work with the media to challenge the stereotypes surrounding asylum seekers and refugees.

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